Brand Workshop

"The Theory brand book has been the most helpful brand book I've ever used as marketer."
- Head of Marketing, Lilu

No one knows your business better than you do - that’s why we created the brand workshop to get the best ideas out of growing teams. We’re creating more than a reference tool, we’re creating a story: a filter that will help guide all of your marketing and business development decisions.

We don’t believe in endless brainstorming. In our brand workshops, we’ll use design-thinking methods pioneered by IDEO and Google Ventures to generate a broad range of ideas, land on key decisions about your brand within one day.

Each exercise in our workshop informs one page in your brand book, which includes the following:

  • Company Vision

  • Competitive Mapping

  • Customer Persona

  • Visual Guidelines

  • Positioning


A brand identity is how you look and speak to the world. We help you craft a visual identity that touches every facet of your business and serves as comprehensive guide for the future.

  • Visual Identity Systems

  • Logo Design

  • Packaging Design

  • Printed Collateral


Your business is ready for marketing, but not for a CMO. That’s why we provide port-time marketing advisory services to get your team ready for the next stage of growth.

  • Brand Positioning & Communications

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Investor Strategy

  • Agency & Freelancer Briefing

Custom Research

We use proprietary methods to uncover insights quickly and accurately without breaking the bank. We evaluate your customers, competition, and company using a mix of research approaches.

  • Ethnography

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Competitive & Industry Analysis

  • User Experience Testing